Zentools Accordion


The accordion layout is a simple collapsible accordion that uses the title of your item as the trigger to open or close the accordion. The accordion can use content from K2, Joomla or images populated from a directory.



  • Each item is rendered underneath the next one in a vertical list.
  • Create layouts that include up to four columns.
  • Use the title or category as the first item to trigger the accordion.
  • Select whether to load the accordion with the first item open. 
  • Determine whether to position the icon to the left or the right of the title
  • Select from a number of different icon types to set next to the title.


Accordion default

The default styling for the accordion.

{loadposition accordion}


Accordion Boxed

A subtle box styling for the accordion.

{loadposition accordionboxed}


Accordion Flat

Simpel flat styling for the accordion.

{loadposition accordionflat}