Zentools Slideshow


A responsive slideshow with multiple layouts, themes with added control over pagination, speed and transitions.



  • A responsive slideshow that responds to the width of your template.
  • Display any number of core elements sourced from Joomla, K2 or images from a folder.
  • Multiple pagination options including thumbnails, titles, numbers and discs.
  • A selection of simple pre-built themes.
  • Next / Previous buttons.
  • Control slideshow speed and duration.
  • Multiple slideshows on a single page.

ZenTools Slideshow

The slideshow below uses the slideshow standard layout. The image is the first item displayed int he module and then all other elements are absolutely positioned above it.

{loadposition slideshow}

ZenTools Flat slideshow

The slideshow below uses the flat layout and the contents of each item is set to display in two columns.

{loadposition slideshow2}